Dummy market

The Dummy Data Generator is a tool designed to quickly get started with dummy data using realistic datasets for testing and development purposes. It specifically targets the simulation of various aspects of supermarket operations, using the Kaggle dataset titled "Supermarket Sales Data" as a foundation. This dataset can be accessed at Kaggle: Supermarket Sales Data.

Launching this tool will generate four distinct data models: Item per Category, Wholesale Price, Average Loss Rate per Item, and Market Sales.

Data Generation Modes: Preloaded Data Models: Item per Category: This model provides a comprehensive classification of supermarket items, preloaded for immediate analysis. Wholesale Price: Offers insights into the wholesale pricing of items, also preloaded for quick access and analysis. Live Data Models: Average Loss Rate per Item: This model dynamically calculates the loss rate for each item, simulating real-time data for inventory management. Market Sales: Represents live, streaming data of market sales, mirroring real-time customer purchase behaviors and trends.